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You are a B2B company and want to improve your marketing and press relations? Then you should include blogs and whitepapers into your strategy. They are the perfect tool to share your knowledge, experience and opinions on current topics, trends or innovations, and position yourself as a trustworthy partner.

Blogging: Do good and talk about it!

Your Blog is a great platform to discuss hot topics, provide useful tips, share your success stories and promote your social activities. Share your business’ philosophy and vision in an entertaining way, setting you apart from the competition.
Your website already has a blog, but you lack the content? We’ll analyze and revise your blog strategy so you always have topics to share. Together we’ll find the right content to inform and inspire your followers as well as interested parties. We write high-quality articles that captivate your readers and always offer added value.
Besides creating blog posts, we also review your existing website copy in terms of tonality and SEO suitability, and edit accordingly. You’ll be amazed how your web presence will gain reach!

White Papers: Show your expert status!

All too often, the boundaries between white paper, technical article, blog text, and never-ending scientific treatise become blurred. Yet, a white paper pursues decidedly strategic goals and should therefore be two things above all: comprehensible and informative.
Classic sales rhetoric embedded in a treatise of figures and graphs does not make a good white paper. Instead, the argumentation should be rather factual and based on statistics, technical studies and other provable facts. Only a white paper with rhyme and reason will strengthen your position as an expert and convert prospects into customers.
That’s why we support you in finding gripping topics and do the research. We further develop a suitable concept so that content and schedule do not get out of hand. When creating a new white paper or revising an existing document, our experienced editors ensure that the text is always written bias-free and relies on proper sources.


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